• i remember that day when i died
    they day when i died on the inside
    the day you said those words
    the day my heart broke into two
    now everytime you are around me
    i want to hold you and make all your pain go away
    i dont show it
    but i hurt when im around you
    i hurt to not be with you
    but i just want you to be happy
    even if that means me not being in your life
    i love you and always will
    anytime you need me ill be by your side
    i want to hold you in my arms once again
    i miss how it used to be
    im dieng without you
    i cant breath when your not around
    so please come back around so i can breath
    so that the hole in my chest heals
    you can make me smile no mater how sad i am
    you make al lthe pain go away
    so come around me for another day
    one more kiss before i die
    one more kiss before the bullet kills me
    one last one before...you kill me