• I live in worry
    my life filled with sorrow
    for my baby killed herself
    and i'm scared for tomorrow

    tho i loved her
    i never told her
    tho i need her
    i'll never see her

    tho she loved me
    she never told me
    when shed hold me
    It felt so homey

    i lived for a single purpose
    to see my baby smile
    now my purpose
    is to make my angle proud

    the day i heard
    that she had died
    i tried not to
    but still i cried

    so i miss her
    don't ever dis her
    i longed to kiss her
    forever miss her heart cry

    i found a chick
    then something clicked
    she threw a fit
    for just a bit

    and when it seems
    my life is over
    she builds a bridge
    and i crawl over

    It feels so strange
    to love again
    i hold her dear
    but still i fear
    the day that she's
    no longer near

    I said i love her
    does she love me?
    How long will it be
    until we are free

    As i lay here in bed
    i bend this rhyme
    are we fine
    or am i just wasting
    my time? question question question question