• Now, looking at your face,
    I can't see a trace
    Of any happiness.
    You loved more than I
    Ever realized,
    Till it was too late
    To say:
    I'm sorry.

    I know I must have hurt you,
    But then I didn't know the truth
    And now that I do,
    I'm sorry.

    Now you walk away,
    Nothing else to say,
    I shed a single tear,
    Then I hide my face.

    Millions more fall,
    Till I get your call,
    Then I say:
    I'm sorry.

    I cry to you,
    And ask your forgiveness,
    Then I can't believe,
    You give it to me.

    You meet me in the town,
    Standing in the crowd,
    I run towards your open arms.

    You hug me close to you,
    I cry into you,
    And again I say:
    I'm sorry.

    Now I am forgiven,
    And now I know
    That what I did was wrong,
    And I promise,
    I'll never hurt you like that again.