• life is hard just like a metal bar,

    u can not break it unless u take it, apart.

    life is hard, sometimes you don't know where to start,

    should u walk, or should you take the car,

    it doesn't matter because your destination is going to be very far,

    your stuck on the ground not the air, and every day all you do is stare,

    at a girl, you really really like, but you don't know how to tell her, because she's standing next to a guy named mike,

    life is hard, you have so many choices every day you hear so many different voices,

    then you ask, who is that, then you turn just to look back, at a mirror, at your self, wishing you had lots and lots of wealth,

    when really, all you need is your health.

    life is hard its just like a metal bar, it cant be chopped it cant be broken, it can only be taken if its stolen.