• Who knows how we first met
    not you, not I, it's been too long.
    When we became friends
    I remember clearly
    as a treasured dream.

    Hey, do you remember?
    Third grade.
    You approached me,
    Remember me?
    No, but that's fine, let's just play.
    Kids don't need reasons to be friends.
    You approached me first
    and I chased you
    in endless games of tag
    around the black-top,
    down the slide,
    dodging swinging monkey-gym feet,
    we laughed every day.

    Hey, do you remember?
    We were so close
    kindred spirits it's called
    better than sisters.
    Amazing how we stuck
    together through the years
    even when Fate and school schedules
    kept sticking boring walls between us.
    I remember how you got mad
    when I invited someone else
    but I insisted on staying with you both.
    How you'd hide notes in my desk
    signed them “your secret admirer”
    and led me around in circles.

    Hey, do you remember?
    When in high school
    the Universe finally gave up
    with an exasperated sigh.
    Finally let us spend half the day
    learning from the same teachers
    and whispering from neighboring desks.
    Remember that silly bet I won in Science?
    The substitute was shocked when I cheered
    out loud as you groaned.
    And remember playing cards
    in Art and in Study Hall?
    Never keeping track of the score.
    Or the time I wouldn't talk to you
    or Joel for a week
    just to prove I could?
    I'd smile and helpfully fetch water and paints
    without a whisper of sound.

    I remember so much.

    I'm sure you remember too.
    The teasing, the laughing, the stories,
    the Dreams
    both past and future.
    Now instead of school walls
    there are miles between us.
    I swear, the Universe is laughing again
    but I'll laugh right back
    'cause we're still friends
    and still finding ways
    to keep on laughing together.
    Best Friends Forever.