• Sucrose, sacharride, & lipids
    Nothing about this seems insipid,
    Used commonly as an incentive,
    Wrapped up pretty in plastic.

    The light shimmering on its shirt,
    Would not be out of place in a Kirk,
    Sometimes dangles from a ole pine, completely inert,
    Taste of a sugary acid.

    Wrapping, twisting, circling,
    A cycle that keeps twirling,
    But secrets never unfurling,
    You hide in the disguise of the placid.

    Is there more to your holiday flavour,
    Something that cannot be savoured,
    A tale that cannot be uncovered without labour,
    A limb curved, unspastic.

    Gloves, hat, a candy striper’s garb,
    A medical gurney’s barb,
    Operating theatre crowd crows the abattoir,
    Everyone we love sugar coated and wrapped in plastic.