• /Save Me/

    I'm waiting for my light in this darkness I dwell in.
    The scars on my back have proven my pain and the silence I missed is forever gone.
    Can you hear my cries behind their psychotic laugh?

    They have treated me this way since I was born.
    Beginning with my emotions, they called me a "mistake."
    Destroying my self-esteem every chance they got.
    Now, I believe I was born without a reason to live.

    As I doubted their way of thinking, they began treating me worse.
    I used to be able to walk the earth and believe I was free.
    Now, I am still uncomfortable with the cold metal feeling around my wrists and ankles.

    Why must they inform me that I can never be loved?
    Beating me has caused me to already believe that.

    After wasted blood-shed tears and regretful fears on hopeless thoughts.
    I have decided to give up.