• Fried and Out is how I feel,
    My head hurts,
    My teeth ache,
    My eyes sting,
    And I have a desperate need.

    Quite the desperate need indeed,
    For my temper has flared,
    My sadness grown,
    My patience frayed,
    And I want to sleep.

    To sleep how strange,
    When I an sad,
    Ready to kill,
    Have a aching pain every which were,
    And am certain I am Fried.

    I am certainly Fried,
    I am too hot,
    In both head and heart,
    I ache and I pop,
    I am surely Fried and Out.

    Fried and Out you question,
    But surely there is the easiest of meanings,
    I am like a light bulb,
    Over heated and broken,
    I am most certainly fried and blown out.

    Certainly without a doubt,
    I am Fried and Out.