• Jack and Jill were no more than children
    They knew nothing of the world and all that was in it
    They laughed and ran and played games together
    Until one fateful, dreary November
    The rain drizzled down, wet and cold
    With his arm around her, Jack walked Jill home
    Suddenly he stopped and turned to face Jill
    At the look in Jack’s eyes, she felt a chill
    “Something has changed,” he said in her ear
    “Please tell me you feel it,” he whispered in fear.
    As she swallowed past the lump in her throat
    Jill shivered and shook inside her coat
    Looking up into Jack’s deep blue eyes
    She knew that nothing he said was a lie
    “I know what you mean, I feel it to,”
    Jill said to him, “I think I love you.”
    “I don’t know what it means or when it did begin,
    But I think it might mean that we’re no longer children.
    Jack sighed, and held Jill in wonder.
    For a long time they stood and listened to the thunder.
    Three years later, the two were still together
    And Jack had this idea he’d be with Jill forever.
    One day at a football game, Jack planned to surprise Jill
    He bought her some flowers with a twenty-dollar bill.
    Then he snuck to the game, and found her in the stands.
    When he spotted his love, the flowers fell from his hands.
    His best friend beside him started in dismay,
    Snatching up the flowers, he snapped, “What’s wrong with you today?”
    Jack could do nothing but stare into the crowd
    Then he tried to talk though the people were loud.
    “You see her up there?” he asked his friend.
    “That’s Jill, the girl I want ‘til the end.
    And you see that guy up there with his arms around her?
    What’s she doing?” he asked in wonder.
    Seeing the tears in his best friend’s eyes,
    The boy pulled Jack from the crowd in its size.
    Jack talked to Jill that night on the phone
    And he couldn’t ask or tell her why he felt so alone.
    But Jill started crying while working on her homework.
    “I have to tell you something, and it’s going to hurt.
    “I loved you, Jack,” she told him sadly.
    “But lately things have been going too badly.
    We fight too much, and I think I’ve moved on
    I hope you understand you’ve done nothing wrong.”
    Jack nodded to himself and fought back the tears
    For he had just realized all of his fears.
    Jill was his world, she was everything to him.
    He couldn’t let her leave on nothing but a whim.
    “Please, Jill,” he begged and he pleaded too.
    “You know how much I’ve always needed you
    I can’t let you go, I wanted to stay together.”
    And as Jill hung up the phone, he whispered, “I’ll love you forever.”