• Fly. Fly away to the place where you belong;
    A place with peace and tranquility;
    A place where nothing's wrong;
    A place that sings a melody so true to our ears;
    A place when all who have moved on no longer have to stay here.
    Fly. Fly away because our resolves we hold so true
    Are resolves filled with dishonesty. Resolves with issue.
    However do not fret, for the sky's enticing colors shall paint your way.
    The iridescent glow of the amethyst moon is not astray.
    For I shall be your guide.
    Fly. Fly away when our hearts grow weary,
    But return with song and dance.
    Return with words less dreary.
    Return with hope that helps guide our faith.
    Return with an unbreakable resolve.
    Return when dawn breaks
    Fly. Fly away and do not flash back.
    Soar, Soar into the air so at rest.
    Rest. Rest peacefully..