• Dearly beloved,
    I know you are far away from me
    And that the years stretch between us too
    The clouds continue to wrap around you in Heaven so sweetly

    But in the meantime the rain that has spawned from your descending wings
    Pours so heavily on top of us
    You cannot have a clue how much sorrow it brings
    I never realized how much I had until it was lost

    But knowing that you are with Peter and you both are happy together again
    That is the silver lining in the storm of your departure
    It is the alleveation of the emotional illness brought about
    But although the pain isn't unbearable, there will never be a true cure

    Oh Great grandmother
    My great fallen life mentor
    I am so happy for you, but so horrified that you're gone
    Up there in Heaven where the angels have sent you
    I miss you, I have always loved you