• Another hohoho,
    and maybe even a hehehe,
    but this is not any christmas you see,
    this is Santa's hundred year mark,
    with a story to be told.
    So with a light of the tree,
    I give to you,
    A Christmas Miracle.

    I hate christmas,
    I really do,
    how can Santa devour,
    all those cookies by morning hour?

    This is his hundred year mark,
    everyone else is cheering,
    but I cannot be caught leering,
    because this day is more important than ever.

    He has become bigger,
    his list has become longer,
    and a jolly job must be done.

    Though the naughty list is growing,
    so does the nice.
    Why can't these kids think twice and realize,
    why Santa's list is so precise?

    The toys, the toys!
    Again and again we must slave,
    to create each child's toy,
    for them to carelessly break.
    If they were to take more caution,
    it might my job worth while.

    The reindeer, such snobs.
    The elves, too cheerful.
    But do you know my idol?
    The grinch.
    Green and nasty,
    sneering and untasteful,
    a lovely thing in this white cheerfest.

    So here I am,
    in this white wonderland,
    the only one not cheerful,
    this really must be a christmas miracle.

    To him I said not to be too wise,
    to him I remark to stop the chuckling,
    and to her I told Good Day.

    Away from this blizzard,
    and off to a vacation in the south.
    Palm trees,
    ocean breeze,
    a very nice setting.

    Off I sail,
    to a place where I belong,
    one with traffic and insults,
    where I can't be wrong.

    It has been a year now,
    away from Santa and elves,
    but somehow I miss them,
    and their cheerful sounds.
    So back I go,
    wondering why I do,
    and when I get their,
    they all say, "We missed you!"

    They tell me when I was gone,
    work was not so joyous,
    and everything seemed imcomplete,
    so they wanted to do a hundred year mark repeat!

    When the lights lit up,
    I couldn't hold back a smile,
    when we started working,
    I thought about every child,
    under the Christmas tree,
    on that one day of the year,
    getting the thing they were good for,
    worked for,
    and I finally felt like I belonged.

    So this my friends,
    is a simple story,
    residing in the north pole,
    with this chapter closed,
    we wish you a Christmas Miracle.