• One Day
    A poem by Cassie

    One Day
    we might just
    find a cure
    for all those diseases
    you never give a thought to
    until you have them.

    One Day
    we may be able
    to feed
    all the hungry
    and shelter
    all the homeless

    One Day
    we might find
    a home
    for the homeless
    and clothe
    all the people who have nothing

    One Day
    we may find happiness
    in the saddest shadows
    in the darkest corridors
    we may find hope

    One Day
    we may bring homes
    to all that are sick
    and tired
    that do not have families
    or friends.

    One Day
    we may fill
    the goblets of the thirsty
    and give them
    for the first time
    a feeling of welcome

    One Day
    we may journey
    to all the places
    no human has ever reached

    One Day
    we may discover
    that man
    was not meant
    to be selfish
    and to start wars.

    One Day
    we may do all these wonderful things
    but that day,
    Is not today.