• Back to the drawing board: A poem with a story, by Hero938

    Starting on a character,
    “No that’s not right!”
    Erasing ideas and creating new ones.
    The mind: a jumbled mess of thoughts and ideas.
    Crumpled paper, broken pencils.
    Hands thrown up in the air with frustration.
    But then, an idea.
    “I’ve got it!”
    Sketching away on a blank piece of paper.
    A whole universe in one idea, a whole world,
    Filled with life and a story.
    One idea leads to another as the story grows.
    But no world can be perfect; there must be tragedy, or an antagonist.
    Conflict and rivalry, continues to the end of the story and everything stops.
    The young artist sighs with relief at his triumph,
    The power of thought is incomprehensible,
    A whole universe, created in one simple thought.
    Creativity is power…