• -Poems Of Life- "Love" Act 3
    NOTE: This "poem" (I'm not sure if it sounds more like a song) is based on The Song: Successful Mission by: Hayashibara Megumi. (Opening theme of Saber Marionette 'J')
    By: Lord_Solrac2

    " I came to this land to Meet you. I live to Protect you. The Moment I met you, I felt complete... I am here to Love you, to Hold you endlessly. Lies and Truths are within us, but we both know the truth. I will never Forget that day, that you save me from despair and Sorrow. I'll never Forget your Tenderness, Kindness, and who you are. No matter what happends. As the Days pass through, I was a 0 in infinity. I am the 0 and you are the Infinite. The strength you seek to serve your need. Is sleeping within your heart. I live on without forgetting my tears... Your Kindness is what heals my soul. My heart is engraved, within my distant memories. I'll be with you For my Entire Life, so that you can regain your smile that brings peace to my heart. Love and Betrayal are both hidden in this world, but only Love will remain... To believe in people, you can't be afraid. Looking toward the future, let's change it to make it better. Deep within my eyes. My Heart is trembling from a dream that's for both of us. The Courgae to throw out or diferances. This begins the awaken of our hearts. Let us live together in our endless roads!! I'll help you and You'll help me. None will separete us, never in eternity. This... I swear!"