• There is a city under the sea
    There is a city under the sea
    below the waves so blue
    far underneath the sky ember hue

    It lays out of reach of the eagle
    It hides in the shadows from god's hand
    the hammer and sickle never to find
    this emarld utopia so cruel and unkind

    In it dwells the best of the world
    the men of science so bright and brillant
    Most talented artist, their works that brings tears
    And the greatest of leaders, whom the people remember for years

    Yes tis a utopia
    eden the garden
    in it there is glory
    ...and nightmares gory

    There are demons that dwell
    Here in the city under the sea
    they dwell in the corridors so tight
    these demon some like a spitefull blight

    And sin abounds
    in the utopia so beautiful
    For chains of morality broken apart
    and into the waves have the people thrown their hearts

    Yes there is a city under the sea
    A jewel in the waves
    Were miracles and wonders lay all around
    ...and sin and demons loffly abound

    A poem of Rapture
    Writer, unknown