• I cant get you outta my system
    your shammed into my brain
    get out get out
    I cant stand it anymore
    when im not talking to you
    im confused, makes me wanan scream
    sad sad sad
    thats how it feels
    when your not here i cant take it
    I'm alone
    i feel dead
    Come please
    dont leave me like this
    aggravted abused insane
    its all like that
    apathetic nothing but you in my mind
    are you a virus chewing out my mortality
    banging is all i hear
    waiting is all i fear
    I want you now
    never leave me
    i want you
    Your the reason i got this way
    im addicted to your presence
    only happy when your here
    do whatever you want
    I only care when i see you speak these words
    Come back, I'm confused
    ill scream.
    no words can describe how i feel