• There are things we have done,
    In the Midnight Sun,
    That should never leave our lips,

    There are things that shine,
    More than words we don't define,
    More than the moon that shifts,

    It was summer's eve,
    I was in grieve,
    when I kind man I did meet,

    And we sat and had some fun,
    while we watched the setting sun,
    Exiting the sky, cotton candy sweet,

    I walked him across the beachsand,
    wanting him to be my man,

    When he spun me around, kissed me and,
    a small thing dropped into my hand.

    There are things that we have done,
    In the midst of the Midnight Sun,
    And things that we should intone,

    And ever since, I've remembered the day,
    that boy gave me the blue stone...