• When it starts to rain
    i feel a pain and its never the same
    I start to think and my heart just sings
    Thinking of her name fills me with shame
    But still im happier than i can be
    Why can't you see I want you to love me

    As the rain continues to pour
    I start to think more and more
    Her pefect face brings me to space
    Love with out a trace
    But its still unknown Why we never came home
    Becuase when its not raining i feel all alone...
    You were the one
    You make me come down with stun
    But now that your gone
    It seems all wrong and something doesn't belong
    A lost heart that is never found
    Maybe in the ground?

    And when i start to cry
    the sky cries to and all i can think of is you

    Where ever you are I give you my heart
    We'll fly in the sky And be together if even for one night
    Even that much is allright
    There be no fights and it will be allright

    But you can't say goodbye unless you try
    You can't get there with out Hi

    When it starts to rain
    i feel this way
    And when i feel this way
    i cannot breath But its okay
    As long as you stay So please don't go
    Stay for the rest of the show
    You and me are are own
    I think i know How far to go
    I think you know how much to know
    So i take your hand And you and me go to the Happy land

    Rain,Rain don't go away Why can't you stay