• Was i just being used?
    What was the last 5 months?
    I just don't know.
    Maybe i was just a toy to her.
    I don't know why you cheated on them with me don't lie to them making your self look like your Innocent your not. Was it even cheating?
    Holding you, kissing you what the hell was it all?
    It seems like the new boy your hanging out looks like you like each other.
    Just like when we used to...oh well do what ever you want.... Your dagger is still in my heart. I throw on a smile when i see you but it's fake i know that you know some things wrong but i don't say a thing because i think you know but you don't.
    I don't know what your doing maybe i never will...but one things for sure grow up and take responsibility for your actions because i know i will.