• It lives within
    the moonlight hour,
    the look of It
    will make you cower.
    It rund on blood
    and seeks out flesh.
    no noise or thud
    you'll hear it press.
    Its Icy breath
    can freeze the day.
    You'll try to run
    but you will stay.
    You try to fight to save your kin.
    Its slimy fangs now break your skin.
    Its poison spreads and steals your breath,
    and thru the pain you wish for death.
    A limb it rips
    with blood stained lips.
    another bite...
    now is fading light.
    It presses down and breaks a bone,
    with little concience you grab your phone,
    seeing this It bites your neck
    upon your lips blood now specks.
    your body loses too much blood
    so heart is stopping with a thud.
    the end draws neer it seems
    with fighting spirit you try to scream
    but with no luck, your out of breath
    while It ensures your forsaken death.