• His soft black fur ran though my hands,
    but I will never touch him again.

    The last memories with him,
    were cheerful and beautiful.

    I lied beside him,
    as I seen the hurt in his eyes.

    That day wasn't happy,
    but only sorrow and sadness.

    I seen that the kneedle drove
    though his skin like a knife.

    I felt as if my world fall apart
    at the seams.

    My mother opened her arms to me,
    as she hold me in her arms.

    My father look over my dear loving cat
    as he had his arm over his mouth.

    I touched his soft fur for the last and only time,
    as my tear ran down my cheek.

    I walked out the door,
    as my life had been turned around.

    That's how my best friend dead
    without saying goodbye..