• If only I had the strength to scream;
    The will to loose control.
    Or to find the rage inside;
    expell it from my soul.

    Here I am day after day;
    In love, in hate, in pain.
    The good, the bad, the in-between
    Just hurt me all the same.

    The love of my life I've finally found;
    I never tought I would.
    But the scorn of my kin; it cuts me deep.
    Ignore them? I wish I could.

    Friends of old, and friends anew;
    Secluded from thier sight.
    Torn apart by insanity and
    The tearing urge to fight.

    Bulding up inside my heart
    and flooding through my veins
    My lungs are bursting at the seams
    To scream out through the rain.

    And yet I find I'm terrified
    Of what; I still dont know.
    But every time i try to let
    The rage out, and let go,

    Something strange comes over me
    And all I can do is weep;
    Deciding to scream tomorow
    And fall into a tortured sleep.