• My language,
    and Oh so amazing
    It will haunt you,
    Just be clear
    Tickles your ears and
    Inspires your mind,
    Settles on your tounge,
    Teaches you a new way
    To think
    To breathe
    To be,
    It is a luxury,
    No doubt,
    An addition,
    The next best thing
    You wont be able to resist,
    You shall crave it,
    So much, it hurts
    Your newest addiction
    It will call to you,
    Crawl from the darkness
    Overwhelm you and take you captive
    Steal your energy,
    And yet you will only beg for more
    Steal your soul,
    And yet you will still be you.
    Give you a new dream,
    New goals,
    Rewrite your life;
    My language,
    and Oh so amazing.