• All I want in life,

    Is there to be no drama, no strife.

    I also want to be accepted;

    for people to like me for me.

    Some people get rid of their pain with suicide,

    Others with attacks or homocides.

    Me? That's not the way I am;

    I keep my heart closed tight like the shell of a clam.

    I try to share my feelings, but they don't seem to understand.

    I avoid talking about my feelings because I think I'll offend.

    I get scared because I hate to make people mad,

    But I can't avoid it. The conversation always ends with me sad.

    Everytime I feel this, my stomach starts to churn.

    It makes me want to run away and never return.

    I just have to keep reminding myself that it will all be okay someday;

    The day I will grow my wings, and fly away.