• I think..
    I think..
    I love him too much

    Too much for my heart to hold
    So much it all spills out
    My thoughts and feelings and all

    When I think about him
    It leaves me with
    A particular feeling

    I can`t say what it is
    It leaves me
    Like when a butterfly flutters by

    When i see him
    My heart skips a beat
    Leaving me breathless and speechless

    My heart can hold all these feelings
    I just wanna tell hi
    I love you

    When our hands touch
    He doesn`t care
    He just grabs ahold of my hand
    And holds it tight

    Now I Know
    He loves me so
    My Heart feels at ease
    Now that i know

    We both say
    I love you
    And hold each other tightly
    Each others presence
    Makes us grow wings
    And Fly