• Hell's gates

    My body is decending into Hell,
    I grab for a hand,
    But nothing is there except air,
    I scream for help,
    But nothing comes out.

    The sun is fading,
    The clear blue sky,
    It's turning black,
    The birds singing,
    Halt quickly as they watch me fall,
    Everyone continues with their lifes.

    My body hits the bare ground,
    All the air has retreated my body,
    My lungs are empty,
    My eyes burn at the sight of flames,
    As I turn to look demons sworm.

    I try to run,
    But my legs won't move.

    I try to scream,
    But the air escaped my body.

    I try to commit suicide,
    I already have.

    I lay defenseless in the dirt,
    Demons gather around my body,
    Kicking and punching,
    Biting and scratching,
    Drawing blood and showing my bare bones,
    My body becomes torn apart,
    Bones broken,
    Blood everywhere,
    My face scratched intensely,
    My body beaten until I can suffer no more.

    As I lay on the bare ground the fire draws near,
    Demonic laughter,
    It's in my mind,
    I can't escape it,
    I stand only to find my bones severly cracked,
    I fall once more,
    I crawl on my hands and knees,
    The laughter grows,
    My pain increases.

    As I reach the feet of the demons as growl and spit,
    I look at their faces,
    Swallow my fear,
    Tear my anger,
    Let loose a beast of enternal sufferage.

    I lash out to find my face in the dirt under a demon's foot,
    I spit at his laughter,
    He grabs me,
    He throws me to Hell's gates,
    "Welcome to Hell!" the demon yells,
    A spit at the gates,
    The demons growl.

    The gates of Hell open slowly,
    Fire burns my damaged body,
    A body lifts me up,
    Throws me into the fires,
    "Welcome to Hell!" the body yells.

    They wait for a scream,
    None comes,
    I gladly let my body burn,
    These demons will face my Hell,
    All I can say to them is,
    Welcome to Hell.

    The demons look down into the fires,
    As my flesh burns I say nothing.

    A demon swoops down and grabs me from the fire,
    He throws me on the ground,
    All the demons sworm around my body,
    Not a word is said.

    I stare at the nothingness above,
    A voice booms,
    "get up you worthless girl! Hoist these chains! Drag these worthless bodies! Throw them into the fires and watch them parish!"
    I look at the dark figure,
    He grabs me and throws me into a field of thorns.

    I try to stand,
    But the pain is intense,
    My bones crack,
    My flesh burns,
    My eyes will not stay open.

    I grab the chains,
    I try to walk,
    But I fall,
    Laughter is heard.

    My anger grows in my body,
    I stand only to fall once more,
    The thorns drive into my skin,
    I screech in pain,
    Tears form at my eyes,
    The laughter grows,
    My anger grows.

    I grab these chains,
    They have unleashed a beast,
    A beast that will not hold back,
    Groaning and grunting is heard,
    I look behind,
    I carrying bodies,
    My heart drops,
    The thorns stick deeper in my flesh,
    More laughter.

    I walk faster,
    My bones break more,
    I hold the pain in,
    I reach the fire,
    I toss them in,
    I fall with them,
    They all gasp,
    Welcome to Hell...