• The spotlights on me
    Everyone's waiting
    The piano plays
    I take in a deep breath and remember
    The time in town square
    The time by the pool
    The time when you first said that you loved me.
    I hesitate and turn away
    The audience gasps
    The piano stops playing
    I close my eyes and remember ever tear I shed over you
    I turn back around and sing my heart out
    Every word meant for you
    I don't know what it means
    Maybe that I'm finally letting go to what we shared
    Maybe that I'll wait and see.
    I don't know what it means
    When the piano finished playing my eyes were teary
    My heart came to a sudden stop
    I realized that love is nothing but a weight something that is impossible to have.
    I'd die a thousand times rather than feel that pain.