• She filled my heart full of cheer
    I was no longer filled with fear
    Fear for my heart
    Of my heart being torn a part

    The fear at first, like being on a stage
    Or even in a cage
    NowI see, she handles my love
    As delicately as a dove

    As she began to pull
    She made my heart feel full
    She held my heat from the start
    Keeping it from falling apart

    She has always made my heart feel full
    And now it is actually whole
    She is the only one to make me feel this way
    My feelings grow every day

    I will never push her away
    I want her here to stay
    I want us to hide
    Never to be pushed aside

    I will always want her to stay
    Her heart never to stray
    I want some day to have the courage
    To ask her about marriage