• heavy insomnia, a weight bearing down on the endless nights,
    with simple sleep swept away by seductive secrets,
    secrets brought to light during the darkest of hours.

    let the dark envelop you, swallow your conscience whole,
    cleansing your body from all the impurities of daily life,
    leaving you reborn, alone with your imagination, seeing shadows in the dark.

    the gloom is ambient, i am surrounded by premonitions of my minds creation,
    soft sounds sting my ears, a distant car alarm, while war rages between them,
    temperance guides my every inaction, inertia holds me tight like a lover's embrace.

    rings of black sand circle the empty lakes of my eyes,
    proof of this unending existence, shackled to time, growing rusty and old,
    seconds slipping away like a current, pulling me towards my destruction.

    shake off this rust! break free of these ungodly chains,
    and fall back to earth, only to find shattered dreams and broken promises,
    pouring out of emptied souls like sweet ambrosia onto the lips of the weary.