• everyone is gone
    and out of my life.
    they all hate me..........
    why don't they stab we with a knife?

    i rather be dead
    and feel no pain
    i can't take it anymore
    i'm going insane.

    just end it now
    get it over with
    is heaven real?
    or just a myth?

    either way
    i'll never be happy
    with all the guilt
    i feel crappy

    i just wish
    for someone to love
    and someone to love me
    just enough

    i'll always be that girl
    who's always alone
    my heart is cold
    and turning to stone.

    please help me
    i'm drowning in guilt
    my heart is broken
    and needs to be rebuilt.

    just forget me
    i'll fade away
    maybe i'll be happy
    one of these days