• You can not see me but I am there
    Behind every corner, pulling your hair
    Footsteps on floorboards right down the hall, and I know you can hear me because your skin starts to crawl
    Slam goes the door, over the chair falls, and in nothing than a minute your charging through the halls

    Can you hear me calling, can you hear me scream because I promise that this is not a dream
    The fire is slowely dieing,and the ashes run red now your starting to wonder if your messed up in the head
    I am lost and frightened so I will make you that too, until im set free only then will you be
    I take your red lipstick and write on the mirror "set me free, find me"

    Confusion sets in I can see it on your face, but I promise you this im not that hard to trace
    You search up and down, left and right and I suppose your putting up a decent fight
    The clock chimes midnight and you wont quite, never once did you take time to sit
    Finally you find me all skin and bone, and I am suddenly filled with joy as I fly into the light
    Im free, im free, I found peace at last, now you have earned it too