• My fav food is chilli
    and the same goes for free willy
    and since it´s my fav food
    it raises my good mood

    When i give it to my bro
    he says "no, no, no"
    It´s because he doesn´t want to eat
    since it´s got to much meat

    but that´s just to crazy
    i guess he is just to lazy
    to try some of my chilli
    and instead he goes to his girlfriend millie

    So now I´m all alone
    eating chilli, not a bone
    it´s also not hard to make
    you just need to be awake

    And since it tastes best with a friend
    I am gonna try to set a trend
    so if you want to eat it too
    than come, cause than it´s us two exclaim exclaim exclaim