• I have a dream
    that peace will be shown throughout our planet,
    that there will be no wars or fighting;
    everyone will hold hands
    and try to achieve this goal.

    I have a dream
    that people of colour and race
    will be treated with equality,
    that it will not matter where you are from,
    who you are, or what you believe in.

    I have a dream
    that there will be a cure for cancer,
    that men, women, and children will not
    have to go through the pain and suffering
    they once experienced.

    I have a dream
    the planet won’t go through global warming,
    that Earth will be as green as it once was,
    and it won’t be affected by pollution,
    oil spills, and smoke from the factories.

    I have a dream
    that divorce will be a thing of the past;
    couples will stay together,
    have a family,
    and work through whatever issues they have.

    I have a dream
    that suicide will be no more,
    that the silent cries will be heard
    before it’s too late
    and we lose someone close to us.

    I have a dream