• You told me you loved me
    And I believed you
    I held those words to my heart
    I recited them in my head
    I wrote them down
    And then I told you
    The words too
    I said
    I loved you
    And I thought
    It would be forever
    And that you would protect my heart
    Because I gave it to you
    But you know what you did?
    You dropped it
    Stepped on it
    Broke it
    Into a million little pieces
    That couldn’t be put back together
    Now my heart
    Has holes
    And is protective
    And wont let anyone touch it
    But now you want a second chance
    And my heart knows that you broke it
    But it needs someone
    To put it back together
    And you have the rest of the pieces
    So maybe
    I’ll have to trust you
    One more time
    With my heart