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    There is diz guy dat makes me feel
    A guy that puts his arms around my waste nd never
    lets me go.
    This guy wen he kisses me me i feel like nothing can go wrong ..
    The one who keeps me away frm harm & makes me feel safe
    This guy is the guy that makes me feel butterflies in my stomach
    wen he walks near me..
    He is the one with the wonderful humor that keeps me laughing for hrs
    and makes my time fly by
    wen we hugg it doesnt matter wats happening or who is watching....
    All that matter is that we r together...
    He is the guy that calls me in the middle of the nite just to say
    "I LOVE YOU"
    nd talk untilt he sun rises high in the sky..
    There is this guy
    the PERFECT guy
    the one that says im his perfect girl
    he aint no ordenary guy
    he is my boyfriend
    the PERFECT guy<3