• Late to be loved by Joshua Murphy

    In your arms is there room for me?, In your heart could you think of me?
    Crossing oceans, Over mountains, or through valleys low
    Tell me love where do I have to go to find your love?
    When we meet you’ll never know how I sat at the end of my world
    And it was the thought of you and the moment we met that allowed me to hold on
    Through the years these eyes shed tears,
    My body endured pain, my mouth held its tongue and my heart ached for you to come along
    So you’d remind me why I waited so long and fought so hard to know I wasn’t the only one
    I watched my friends move on find loves of there own knowing there seasons had come
    As I faded in the back believing this was only another trail till my winter’s ended and our love begun
    First kisses first dates crushes and love it seems I missed them all once again when everyone first began
    I just knew my time would come late but it’d be worth the wait…
    I have so little to offer I thought as guy after guy passed me by I cant bare you a child, I cant be a wife and I refuse to lie to myself
    I am just a boy who wants to be loved with no strings attached, unconditional love is a lie that I want him to prove wrong
    But when I meet this prince charming I have nothing to offer were my tears enough, my waiting and pain or will my heart suffice?
    Or am I meant to live a lonely life? I know I am young,
    At 17 what could I know? But that the point is I’m ready to learn
    I’ll be hurt I know but I want to find the one who can hurt but help me cope with the pain who’ll do nothing without love…