• metamophisis is changing my life,
    no sex or love of a wife.
    im a loner f**ked with strife,
    ima ask for blood and heres a knife.
    slit the wrists, ignore the pain,
    slit the throat and let it drain,
    no matter who's blood its all the same,
    to me its life to you its a game.
    my time to feed is your time to bleed,
    your skin is soft your heart is the seed,
    your life essence is all that i need.
    follow me and i shall awaken thee.
    a trickle of blood on your lip,
    just a drop,
    a little sip,
    come with me on a crazed feeding trip,
    and into your heart it will rip.
    this craving i have is deep inside,
    a craving nothing else satisfy's.
    its all there its all that i need,
    its over there, its all around me,
    some one better give it to me because im about to rip,
    im about to go and take it without consent.