• You've left behind all admonition,
    Offering up no opposition,
    Leaving your soul to demolition,
    This fate, you did prolong.

    And now the Judge; do you adverse.
    Wandering through the prisons, cursed.
    Memory's shards shall claim you first,
    In this abyss where you belong.

    Through this drug, to Pain's embrace,
    You fall under Purgatory's Grace.
    The haunted reflect your motionless face.
    The blood in your veins, long cold-
    long gone.

    Losing your mentality,
    And facing your finality,
    Walking through Insanity's Allies-
    To greet you, in the wrong.

    And through the heavy tears I cry-
    Thine rancid soul, I crucify.
    And then, in Lucifer's arms, you'll lye-
    Dear Child; where you belong.