• The sounds of life, Un-prohibited by the night, fleeting all sense of pain, misery, and regret.
    The snowy vineyard, the icy branches. Nothing seemed to be wrong in the least. The fire roared with short cracks of flame as I kindled the logs.
    Sighing and feeling alone, yet I felt something else.
    Life is nothing without some sort of substance. I figured I had nothing to live for at one point, no love, no hope, and worst of all, no one.
    Maybe it was the snowy nights that gave me the security and serenity I needed.
    To loose something at the beginning of the journey, means only you will gain more, at the end.
    At that moment deep in my though, the fire crackled once more, so full of desire for more.
    I think we are all like this fire, craving more to burn, to conquer.
    You've only got one life in this world, so why not strive for more.
    Be the flame, be.... Be the ultimate threshold of your life.
    Nothing can hold you back, like a raging tsunami you rage onward destroying anything that tries to hold you back!
    Sadly, even the strongest of forces, will up out and die eventually.
    So until then, until the last breath, nothing holds you back, but you.