the howling wind at night
    just gets me full of fright
    its maddening howling sound
    echoes throught the night

    the howling wind at night
    to me, was like a voice
    that told me to take flight
    into the Underworld by Hell's choice

    so that there i may rule
    the land of the dead
    and take as a trophy
    the Devil's own head

    to cause so much chaos
    in the lands up above
    so that not the winged seraphs
    or the own hounds of hell
    could fix so much damage
    what is done is done

    and no one will ever
    be able to escape
    the wrath of the one
    who's often called Fate

    there are no rules
    but you are indeed
    for your own good
    to kneel at my feet

    i am the one
    that you are to fear
    for my name is Fate
    or is it not clear?

    i was chosen
    by the wicked, howling wind
    who told me of the power that i held within

    the howling wind at night
    the same one that got me full of fright
    gave me the power i hold tonight

    the power that makes you bow
    by my feet
    the one that lets me rule
    and lets me seek
    my vengeance, upon
    those that i may call
    the enemy

    this is how i became the ruler of the dead
    and how you came
    to know the name
    of the one you are to dread