• You talkin' suicide, homie, I'm talkin' do or die
    You and I, dyin' for our sins like we got crucified
    It's finally time to ride, spark me up and watch me fly
    Mamma screamin' "Why?" She wanted to save him, but she never tried
    Oh heavenly father, forgive us for our sins
    But as soon as we're forgiven, it's back to sinnin' again
    It ain't no trend, it's a cycle, from dusk 'til dawn
    From night 'til morn, from skin coverin' flesh 'til bone
    Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, from steel to rust
    We steal, we lust, we packin' steel to bust
    Scrapin' our lives away, wheres the last meal for us?
    I don't see no savior comin' down to heal for us
    They grab the handle, back-c**k, cockin' back the black glock
    Puttin' bullets in their brains from the hills, to the block
    Mass suicidalists, you gon' hear the chrome pop
    And don't nobody ever recover from a dome shot...