• Forget me.
    My words that I regret.
    The times I made you fret.
    When i made you hate me,
    for trying hard to just be free.
    For hurting you some how,
    I truly regret that now.

    Forgot me.
    When I helped you through your pain,
    or giving an umbrella in the rain.
    The times we spent laughing,
    or the times that we spent "napping".
    When I hugged you when you were sad,
    when I helped you vent when you were mad.

    Leave me.
    'Cause I made a few mistakes,
    wrong words said in my wakes.
    Hypocrisy and doing wrong,
    in a path for where I belong.
    Forked roads in our path,
    how much time do we have to last?

    But you left me.
    'Cause I chose unwalken paths.
    Or not agreeing with your wrath.
    For choosing different styles,
    walking blocks instead of miles.
    I picked being me
    I'll leave it up to you on who'll you'll be