• he stares at me
    the blushing filling me
    taking me over
    taking me to him
    playing to his cards

    walking to him i think what im goingb to say
    how im gonna stand
    how im gonna act
    does he know he's got me
    does he see it in my eyes

    i get so close and he grins
    his mates clear off
    im in for the kill
    twirling my hair in my fingers
    Blinking and acting oh so innocent
    maybe he'll take me home tonite

    we talk and talk
    talk and tlak and talk
    he moves much closer
    and takes a kiss
    he smiles i blush
    he laughs i hide
    he gestures im his and i accept

    Months on hes not home till late
    i think he's with his mates
    he would betray my trust
    my affection
    my love

    hours till moirng i awake
    my bed empty
    the house dead
    he's still out

    i call once
    i call twice
    no answer

    Finally i call my friends she answers
    i can hear him in the background
    he's played me out
    i ask to talk to him he says "tell her im not here"
    its ovious they are both drunk and from her giggling they ain't planning on talking

    HE's a player
    i got warned i didn't listen
    my hearts suffering
    im feeling the sorrow and the pain

    i text his mate and asked how long he's been cheating his mate calls to say a month

    i don't want him in my life
    do you wnat him in yours?