• You left from my life
    Leaving me scared and hurt
    You struck a deep blow to my heart with a knife

    I cut you and everything that reminded me
    It pained me to much to keep around
    Thrown carelessly into a fiery sea
    A shattered remnant of my former self
    I became a shell with not a center to see
    Leaving everything I lay in the memories

    I could never fully get rid of you
    Feelings for you going unfelt
    They were very strong and very true

    Alone was I in life and all around
    Seeing your face now I feel so much
    But the fearsome truth of it drug me down
    Like an insanely stealthy hunter of the night
    Talking with you happy to just hear your sound
    Uncontrollable probable and unpredictable

    You wanted return but would I give it?
    There is the half and half story
    Could I give it after all of everything and all the s**t
    You put me through for a long time
    My heart was broken in to miniscule tiny bits
    Could I? Could I? Could I?

    Finding old emotions in my heart
    I find the tattered and burned memories
    Of all the things that it used to be like art

    Not being able to help myself I explode
    Into the night crying and tears streaming
    The hardness of my heart starting to erode
    I felt everything I felt like back in the day
    So beautiful and terrifyingly to show

    So much I wanted to tell
    To much for words to much to say to much
    But I must tell you everything from my shell

    That I love you I cant control my emotional sea
    I miss you please don’t hurt me again
    For if I get hurt to much I must protect me

    This adventure I have gotten myself into
    Will have its good and bad times I know
    But as long as we have each other though
    I hope it will all be fine but I have learned
    That life can be unnerving and deadly so
    Into the mystery I enter again now