• Do you see the ligt
    oh shines so bright
    did you see it
    it was right ahead

    Is it me
    is it you
    are we through
    or is it true

    IS it true that this tunnel doesn't end
    or are we in the dim light
    under the moon

    i see not sliver city lights
    we have ran for miles
    why do we bother
    they colud rip us up tonigth
    make it quick

    their fangs are white
    and oh so bright
    they are so luring
    pulling me in
    i had to run away

    Tell me they are pissed
    coz you know i know already
    i can hear them
    Can you hear them to?
    they are calling me
    they luring me in
    luring to them
    luring to the dim light
    the dim light

    Baby can you see the light?
    i know
    its not