• Are you awake?
    Come! Come! Run here! You must see.
    Look friend open your eyes.
    Aren't you tired of the dull black of your eyelids?
    Come now don't make me drag you.
    Fine. I will be back shortly.

    Are you awake?
    Come! You missed it earlier but something better is happening now.
    The light outside has changed to a deep purple.
    Come watch part of the afternoon for it is beautiful.
    Come! It is black as night in here and you must see the sun.
    Here let me open your blinds.

    Are you awake?
    See? The sun's shining through.
    You must see the day before its gone.
    Come! You'll feel better just wait and see.
    Please dear friend don't make me shake you.
    Wait... Why are you so cold?

    Am I awake?
    I pray dear God, I'm wrong.
    All the time's I tried to wake my friend,
    And he was dead all along.
    Please, oh please let this be a dream.
    Don't let me be awake.

    With a scream I am startled back into reality.
    I breathe heavily and thank God it was just a dream.
    And Hey! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping.
    Oh what a wonderful day.
    Oh dear, friend? Are you awake?