• You know that saying,
    About life and death?
    Which says what comes from life...
    Can only be death,
    And how life is good,
    Until you breathe your last breath?

    You know that saying,
    About good and bad?
    How green is good...
    And red is bad?
    But a rose is red,
    And flowers are great,
    Yet green is snot,
    And thats what we hate.

    You know that saying,
    About you and me?
    Where you read what I wrote,
    And it's what I wrote to thee.

    Perhaps you don't know these sayings.
    Perhaps you do.
    Well I've got another saying for ya'
    That's designed just for you:

    "Reading poems written by idiots will get you no where. . .
    It shall just waste your time, and bring you mental pain." -Written by Karaila

    When you read this poem,
    You die a little more,
    Age a little more,
    And tire a little more,
    And upon reaching the end you'll look at me,
    Seeing me smile with pearly white teeth
    And say "AH Jeez. . ."

    For this poem serves no purpose,
    Except for taking your life
    A few seconds at a time.
    So farewell to you, and to you goodbye.