• She wakes from another nightmare
    And feels like shes not there
    Like reality is so far away
    She looks at herself with pain
    And sees now what she is
    So alone and worthless

    Who was there when she cried
    Who cared enough to ask what’s wrong
    Who went to check to see if shes fine
    Who asked about the scars on her wrist
    Who gave ******** enough to listen

    She is in tears now
    Cuz this boy runs his mouth
    Her best friend left her alone
    Cuz she hated the way she acted with patron
    She knows she should be used to it
    But it hurts so damn much

    They left her when she cried
    They were what was wrong
    they didn’t care if she was fine
    They are the reasons for scars on her wrist
    They never did listen

    She is so angry now
    She starts to scream out loud
    Punches the wall till her hand bleeds
    Not knowing what she is wanting
    So she sips another shot down to get away
    From all the anger and pain

    She was alone when she cried
    She hid what was wrong
    She knew she wasn’t fine
    She remembers every sacr on that wrist
    She gave no one the chance to listen

    Its too late now
    She is falling down
    And she knows that she is missing
    Drinks the Lysol under the sink
    Heart feels no more pain
    Her soul slowly fly’s away