• A face of the moon so white and pale
    Tells a very extraordinary tale
    About an unnamed friend

    The hands of a fine worker seeks touch
    From eyes that can't avoid but keep watch
    The love that's never meant

    When truly it's been gone

    Explosions there, bright moonlight sees
    Reflecting through the clear blue seas
    The madness past another stream
    In my most unexpected dream

    When clouds start mourning with anger
    For sunlight those times don't we wager
    Those times we ought to spend

    When truly it's been gone

    To watch the motionless drama
    While laughing out my harsh trauma
    Honored with high expectations
    By a brother with dictations

    A bed of nails of romance, lust
    Of lovers gone in zephyr, dust
    Figments of what's then they're burning
    Like flaming blue sparks residing

    Decaying roses, rising thorns
    Lovable bird lings cross field of corns
    Reds and blues come walking the road
    Inseparable hearts grow old

    When truly they've been gone